Fujiko Museum & Cat Cafe

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Fujiko Museum / Doraemon Museum

Located on the birthplace of Fujiko-san himself, Kawasaki, this museum is dedicated entirely to enshrine all creations from Fujiko F. Fujio. Official website.

The closest station is Noborito Sta., and there's a shuttle bus from station front. Tickets are not sold at the museum, you should buy it days before at Lawson, and there is a specific entry time (make sure you aren't late!).

Dorami statue in front of Noborito sta.

Breezy walkpath, heading to the Museum.

Inside the museum. Interactive site to play, purikura, gacha slot, miniatures, manga corner,
 also a movie theater on the back.

I love the synchoriz-able carry-on tour guide (english available). The tour guide feels like a Doraemon device, haha. There's also some exhibits about Fujiko's working space, an infinity bookshelf, you gotta look closely to see what's going on the museum :)

Beautiful Gian coming from the woodcutter spring.

Doramon fans must be familiar with Fujiko's ambition for Dinosaurs.

Obake no Q-Taro statue on the wall.

Parman (P-man) statue.

Overall, it's a good & nostalgic visit, but they could give more attraction or statue for photo spot. This place still a little bit empty. Another anime-based museum is Ghibli Museum, seems that Ghibli got more pimp and attraction, but you can't take pictures inside.

Cat Cafe

If the place you live allows you to pet kitten at home, you're more fortunate than people in Japan who has to pay to pet and play with a cat. Most apartment in japan are prohibit you to take care on any pets, that's where the Cat cafe idea came and soon hyped.

The popular Cat cafes are might be Calico, Nekorobi, Hapineko, etc, but I was in Kyoto (have leave Tokyo) and still hasn't visit any cat cafe! D: Lucky, I found one with cheap rate too haha it's 500 JPY +tax :'D

Cafe name is Neko Cafe Time, accidentally passed the cafe when going to Fushimi Inari, before you crossed the railway you'll find their sandwich board.

It's a cute little cafe with lots of window, enjoying drink while cuddling cats.

Sleeping cat mustn't be disturbed! Let them be.

Not so many visitor at that time.

My favorite cat, Bob!

He's holding my hand..

..and, the cat kiss! haha

:3 :3

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