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Shibuya 渋谷 (bitter valley)

Busy intersection, scramble crossing, hachiko statue. Got more 'international' feeling to it. Western style like hip-hop spotted nearly on every corner. Trendiest neighborhood of Tokyo.

Get the best view of the scramble from Starbucks at Tsutaya Q-FRONT building (that one on the left)

I started exploring Shibuya from Aoyama-itchome. There's a food flea festival in Gaienmae which is I'm glad because many tester food hha. Gaienmae is where the most of Japan modeling agencies set their office. This area have some quirky twist, they have some Shibuya-ish fancy themed cafe and public art sculptures..

To reach Shibuya, keep walking west along Aoyama-dori. I spotted Cafe du Monstre across the street! It's a horror themed restaurant, the hotel beside, Sakura Fleur Aoyama Hotel is also got vampire-ish theme.


After 15 mins walking.. arrived at Shibuya square! Very crowded!

Take a typical picture with Hachiko statue..

Today I'm going to a livehouse, Shibuya O-NEST, so rest of the day spent there. When the gigs over it's already laaaate nothing much left to see :( As you may know shops at Japan closes early at 8 or 9 pm..

Around Shibuya O-Nest, there's many other live houses like Club Asia, Vuenos, Womb, and the othe Shibuya-O groups, O-West, O-East & O-Crest. In fact, this area is called Love Hotel hill because theres many love hotels around! :))

Love hotels & bars around

Here's some tips from Japan Live if you're going to one of livehouses in Tokyo. And Tokyo Gig Guide is the best web for Tokyo livehouse guide out there. Japan talk also have quick review about Tokyo neighborhood with best music venues.

Most of livehouses at Tokyo prohibit you to get inside with any kind of bags, because it might bother the others. Make sure you're put are your belonging in the coin lockers. Except the show ticket, phone & wallet. Many of them also require you to buy drink (around 500 JPY) and there will be artist's goods for sell too, so bring extra cash. If you go to this area, there's coin lockers beside O-Crest entrance. If around your live houses doesn't have any coin lockers, look for it at the nearest train station.

I'm taking free upcoming events' flyer!

toe, Tricot, Luminous Orange, YMCK flyer for their upcoming shows in September <3

 Indonesian group, PeeWee Gaskins flyer for their show at Yoyogi

Some other flyers on the rack.. there might be CD demo as well, all free.

People lining up for the show to open gate at O-WEST, O-NEST is located just across.

Be careful with the lack of pavement. O-West are more popular and held bigger shows than NEST or Crest. I'm still waiting for the gate to open at the O-Nest!

O-Nest is a little bit hidden next to Lawson across O-WEST, go to the 4th floor directly using the elevator on the entrance. A sandwich board with show details for today placed inside the building.

Inside O-Nest elevator, live schedule, flyers, and all.

After getting inside, they checked my ticket and give a monthly live schedule magazine on all Shobuya-O livehouses. Also a drink coupon. The bar usually got beer, juices and softdrinks for you to choose. After 10 minutes waiting, the first band Lucky Tapes step to the stage & plays, they were okay, this is the first time I heard of this band.

Next, Organic Stereo (Hiroyuki Morikawa)! He's as humble as I ever imagine, he plays the guitar beautifully, then thanked us for being there, telling us to give a moment for some peaceful music while we're all in the middle of rushing Shibuya (cmiiw, he said this in Japanese). He played The Earth Without us, The Irreversible Circle, She Has a Rainbow and some new material from his newest album.

Somebody uploaded the Lucky Tapes part on youtube.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults are a 4 pieces band from Austin-LA. They're shogaze/dream pop like Asobi Seksu, or Radio dept. The show was very engaging, warm, and crazy at the same time! Funniest things are when they do the mc noone really understand their English! The guitarist even said "This is awkward" and nobody notices, yet everybody faces was like, :D :D :D :D :D. HAHA

Nevermind those mc part, room's getting hotter and they let people step to the stage & dance along. In the middle of encore The Lucky Tapes' member & Morikawa-san are showing up a bit to throw balloons to all directions. Yay! :) Letting up played 10+ songs with 3 encore, I could recall Visions, I Hear You Drowning But I'm Tied, The Best Part, Teenage Tide.

End of the show~ everybody gathered in the bar (including the artist) Then take a picture with Morikawa-san of Organic Stereo & his support keyboardist :0 :0 I was telling him I came from Indonesia to see Organic Stereo live he gasped and thanked, haha. Many fans still there and hang up with Letting Up dudes.. And I'm heading home, it's getting very late :)

kizuitara marukyuuu (already closed, ugh)

Shibuya at night.

Moooooore like this

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