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Preparation could only lead to so much win!

Registering passport and visa

Tips for Indonesian fellows:

  1. Register online here so you can choose the date of your visit to immigration office. Also, internet-registered applicant has shorter queue line.
  2. Bring extra copies for [KTP] [kartu keluarga] [akte lahir] I bought 5 copies for each.
  3. Come early at 7 or 8 am, with all the required document.
Immigration office are often stinks :( Be patient & bring your books, gadget, etc for killing time.

  1. Write very simple itinerary.
  2. Prepare enough number in your bank account. Some said 10 mil is enough for 1-week visit, but there's absolutely no certain rule about this.
  3. Come at 9 am with no sandal, no bad attitude and always bring all the required document
Click here to see my submitted itinerary | Click here to see visa application example | Click here to see required document*
*req document might change from time to time

After I got my pass and visa, I just uncontrollably browsing and browsing and building itienary! lol
Just hope the free-visa for Indonesians will be active soon.

Pasport cost: 325.000 IDR
Visa cost: 320.000 IDR

Choosing your bag and what to pack

Please check with your airline regulation about luggage to avoid overcharge. 1 cabin luggage and 1 big handbag should be enough and gives less struggle. All your liquid should stay away from cabin unless it's less than 100ml.

Make a list of everything you'd like to bring along. Check your hotel or guesthouse (free) facility, if they have it, you don't have to bring this from home. For example, hairdryer, towel, toiletries, PC, etc. Some of them are for rent, a bath towel will set you around 50-100 JPY (for as many days as you stay there) in most guesthouses. In this case it's worth the money considering a bath towel will take plenty of space in your bag. So let your towel stay at home and rent one in the guesthouse.

Speaking about wall socket, Japan uses 2-pins NEMA connector, if your country use different wall socket, you will need an adapter. Avoid buy the adapter in your home country it might be unsuitable to the power etc, etc. Your guesthouse/hotel usually have these for sale (again, check with your guesthouse). Buy 1 adapter at the reception desk then connect it to your country power outlet strip and you're done. If you travelling in groups don't forget to bring extra power outlet strip.

Power plug in Japan.
photo source

Now you have the socket, you could use your gadget. Free wi-fi is not a common thing in Tokyo, I suggest you to buy b-mobile visitor SIM card (3,980 JPY +tax for 2 weeks flat or 1GB data) or rent a wi-fi device. Harajuku station, Yodobashi-camera front in Akihabara, Haneda airport (free for 1st 2 hours), most of the Kyoto bus-station are places I know with free wi-fi. Here's 10 wi-fi cafe within 10 min walk from Shibuya station. And, you could be happy that Tokyo is adding free Wi-Fi to 143 subway stations for foreign travelers

How many clothes and what. For me I think 4-5 daywear + 2 pants + 1 jacket is enough (for April-Oktober, 10 to 14 days trip), on the third day you can wash yesterday clothes. A hat or shawl might be useful for certain weather. But try to keep your load as slim as possible.

Avoid take luggage in train station during rush hour (morning and evening)

Clothes, & instant food in luggage. Wallet & gadget in handbag. By the time you stay the instant food will gone, replace them with your shopping goods & souvenirs, yay. If you choose train / subway as preferred transportation, bring your most comfortable shoes. You will do alot of walking while in Japan.

Lastly, print those map down! Don't rely on Google map entirely, for example, check your guesthouse website, their map is usually tailored to find the guesthouse specifically. It will be easier for you and the person you asked for direction. I found this very effective during my trip. Also, offline map in safer than online.

Printed maps provided by guesthouses are more specific compared to Google map.

Booking a place to stay

Click here about guesthouses.

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